Future Park Istanbul Project

Hiper Organizasyon is continuing to break ground on projects that raise awareness in the sector as a subsidiary of Miran Construction. Hiper Organizasyon, which is realizing the Future Park İstanbul project with the slogan of constructing the future of Istanbul, is continuing with the construction process of the project. The Future Park İstanbul project, the pre-launch of which is planned for February, is located at the side of the E5 highway in the Esenyurt Haramidere Parks area. While the excavation work continues for the project, the permits of which were granted in July, groundbreaking continues. What comes to your mind when thinking about the future of Istanbul?

What will our environment be like, what kind of homes will we live in, how will technology make our lives easier, what schools will our children go to, how will we be healthier, what will transportation be like, how will our investments we managed? The Future Park Istanbul project which aims to give Hiper Organizasyon Development company’s answers to all these questions will be showcased in February. The Future Park Istanbul project is made up of 1600 comfortable flats in the blocks and 30 thousand square metres of independent commercial areas in the market area.

The project has a covered area of 1650 square metres, and Kronos managing partner Samim Hatipoğlu invites all Istanbul residents to the new living space Future Park project whose design and build quality will shed light on the vision of the entire project. The managing partner of Kronos, Samim Hatipoğlu, which has undertaken the sale of the project with TSP, emphasized that starting prices start at 100.000TL. Hatipoğlu stated that the project, which has been designed with an understanding of Turkish family structure, will being a new spirit to Istanbul and as the launch period grows closer they would be sharing hints about this.